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SprintImpact: Together, democratizing AI to amplify human potential, foster kindness, and cultivate a human-centered AI future.

Human-AI Teaming


AI isn't a privilege for the few,
it's a journey for everyone.

At SprintImpact, we partner with forward-thinking individuals, innovative product teams, and visionary executives to harness the transformative power of Human-AI Teaming.Our mission is to equip you with the tools and insights needed to achieve unparalleled success and drive your vision forward, crafting a better future together.

Why SprintImpact

Stay Ahead with AI
AI evolves faster than any other technology. Staying updated is crucial, but chasing trends keeps you behind. Simple training, superficial advice, or tech-first solutions leave you overwhelmed and unprepared.
Meet Our Expert
Our founder, Wendy Tam, brings over 20 years of digital innovation experience and led her AI product team to win the global championship at the United Nations' World Summit Award. Wendy knows how combining AI and UX drives breakthroughs in products and digital transformation, engaging the entire workforce, not just tech enthusiasts.
Our Commitment to You
At SprintImpact, we’re committed to being your hands-on ally, guiding you through the complexities of integrating AI with practical, impactful solutions that drive meaningful change.

Wendy Tam - SprintImpact Founder & Principal Consultant

SprintImpact Founder Speaking at AI Event

Consultancy & Speaking Highlights

What do you aspire to achieve?

AI Training Programs for Practical Skills

Thrive in
AI Era

AI & UX Design Consultancy

Build AI
Solution Customers Love

Executive AI Strategy Workshops

Future-Proof Your

SprintImpact Elevate with AI training programs

For Individuals & Teams

Elevate with AI

AI is for everyone, and our Elevate with AI program is designed to demonstrate just that. This practical, mentor-supported program boosts your skills, whether you're a beginner or advanced, enabling you to master and shape the AI landscape confidently.

For Product Builders

AI & UX Design Consultancy

Enhance your products with our AI & UX Design Consultancy. We merge AI with human-centered design to create solutions that not only perform but also resonate with users.Our consultancy helps you overcome obstacles, achieve breakthroughs, and create innovative solutions that stand out in the market, ensuring technology that is both effective and beloved.

SprintImpact AI & UX Design Consultancy Services
SprintImpact Executive AI Strategy Workshops

For Business Leaders

Executive AI Strategy Workshops

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, it’s crucial for board members, executives, and leaders to understand AI not just as a technological tool but as a transformative force that can redefine business strategies and operations.Steer your organization towards a brighter future. Our Executive AI Strategy Workshops are designed for top executives, providing the insights and tools needed to harness AI for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

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Elevate with AI Training

Master AI for Practical Impact

- AI Literacy
- Putting AI to Work
- Human-AI Workflow Transformation

MODE: In-person, Online or Hybrid

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How We're Different?

Expert-Led, Applied Learning for Real-World Impact

Expert-Led Learning:
Connect with over 20 years of tech and product design experience. Our program is led by AI builders, not mere trainers, ensuring you are exposed to the latest trends and approaches. Gain deep insights and practical guidance from industry experts.
Applied Knowledge:
This isn't just about learning concepts; it's about applying them. We focus on your unique needs, ensuring you understand the essentials without getting bogged down by unnecessary jargon. Turn your knowledge into actionable skills, delivering real ROI.
Safe Space to Learn:
Benefit from a supportive community and a safe space where all your questions—big or small—are answered. Gain the confidence to explore and implement AI in your daily work.
Join us to experience a truly transformative AI program designed to elevate your skills and impact.

AI & UX Design Consultancy

Craft Products Users Love with AI and UX

Sequoia calls this the "200 Billion Dollar Question": How will your AI change lives and deliver value?As seasoned product builders, we know that tech-first approaches often fall short. True success requires balancing human-centered UX, technology, and business strategy—Desirability, Feasibility, and Viability.

Our Action-Oriented Approach:

Why Partner with Us?

Expert-Led Approach: Led by Wendy Tam, with over 20 years of experience in digital innovation.Proven Methodologies: Implement strategies that balance desirability, feasibility, and viability.User-Centered Focus: Ensure your product meets real user needs and stands out in the market.Actionable Roadmaps: Develop clear, actionable plans to guide your product development.Continuous Improvement: Maintain momentum and adapt through iterative cycles and user feedback.

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Executive AI Strategy Workshops

Lead with Human-AI Synergy

Our custom executive workshop designed to provide leaders with essential AI insights and a practical, Human-First AI strategy blueprint.Crafted for optimal engagement and effectiveness, we recommend keeping the group to no more than seven participants.

Interested in learning more? Connect with us.

Insightful AI Training

Executive Focus:
Customized content that addresses executive concerns and business outcomes.

Business-Relevant Scenarios:
Training that bridges AI technology with real-world business strategy and decision-making.
Leadership Readiness:
Equip leaders with the knowledge to identify AI opportunities and drive innovation.

Guided Exploration

Unbiased Exploration:
A secure environment to discuss AI’s potential and challenges without vendor bias.
Facilitated Discussions:
Expert-led conversations to uncover AI’s implications for your organization.
Mutual Understanding:
Engage with peers to ensure a shared vision and purpose for AI adoption.

Foundational AI Roadmap

Actionable Recommendations:
Detailed post-workshop report with steps for immediate AI integration.

Preliminary AI Framework:
Collaboratively create an initial AI adoption outline for a human-first AI transformation.

Strategic Continuity:
Lay the basis for your ongoing AI strategy and its future development.

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We appreciate your interest in our AI & UX Design Consultancy. We’ll be in touch soon.Meanwhile, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our Better AI newsletter for the latest insights.

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We appreciate your interest in our Executive AI Strategy Workshops. We’ll be in touch soon.us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our Better AI newsletter for the latest insights.

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